Jake Fastnedge aka THTGUY Drift

Jake Fastnedge fell in love with drifting when he attended the D1NZ event in 2013 with his Dad, Tim, and best friend, Jared. Prior to the event, Jake was already a fan of online videos featuring cars and was particularly drawn to Mad Mike Whiddett’s drifting performances. Meeting Mike in person at the event solidified Jake’s love for drifting, and from that moment on, he has been committed to pushing himself to new heights in the sport.

Experienced drifters such as Darren Kelly, Mad Mike Whiddett, and Fanga Dan have been a source of inspiration for Jake. Darren, in particular, has not only influenced his driving style but has also mentored and befriended him. While Mad Mike and Fanga Dan have not formally mentored Jake, they have provided him with valuable advice and support at events. Their dedication and willingness to assist others have motivated Jake to give back to the drifting community and strive for excellence. With the guidance and mentorship of experienced drivers like Darren, Jake’s skills as a drift driver have been honed, helping him to become a top competitor in the sport.

Jake approaches new tracks or courses with a methodical and strategic mindset. He takes the first few laps to feel out the track instead of focusing on the racing line. During competitions, Jake relies on his friend and crew member, Shaun Smith, to guide him through the track’s nuances. Shaun’s experience in the sport and knowledge of the tracks have been instrumental in helping Jake fine-tune his approach and driving style for optimal performance. Jake also seeks advice from judges and other drivers, recognising that learning from others is critical to improving his skills.

Jake uses two cars for drifting: a VQ35de Nissan 350z, which he used to learn and develop his skills, and a modified LS3 Toyota GT86 for competition. The Toyota GT86 is customised to suit Jake’s driving style and the sport’s demands. With a reliable motor, a 4-speed Jerico dog box, Winters diff, and a 3-way adjustable suspension, as well as a D-Knuckle angle kit and rear kit, Jake can fine-tune his driving style and push his car to the limit on the track.

Jake has achieved numerous accomplishments in his drifting career, and he takes great pride in them. One of his proudest moments was driving at Baypark in the final round in 2022, where he had an unforgettable battle with Adam Camplin. Despite crashing into a wall in the previous round, Jake and his team repaired the car in time for the final round. His fearless driving and willingness to ride the wall paid off, and he felt that it was some of his best driving that season. Another memorable moment was sharing the podium with Jordan and Clayton at his first MSC Challenge New Zealand, and later, sharing the podium with Jordan and Shaun in the final round.

Jake credits his incredible crew, loyal sponsors, and supporters for their unwavering support. His team, Techspan Motorsport Ltd, has been an integral part of his success in drifting, providing him with the support and guidance needed to achieve his goal of becoming one of the top drift drivers in New Zealand.

For beginners starting in drifting, Jake offers valuable advice. He suggests selecting a reliable base car and spending as much time as possible on the track to improve skills and techniques. Approaching the sport with humility and respect for other drivers is also crucial. Jake encourages new drivers to seek advice from experienced drivers, particularly those competing in D1NZ pro sport & pro, as the drifting community is supportive and willing to offer advice and help to those starting out.

Jake looks forward to continuing on his path to becoming a better driver and achieving more success in the sport. With the help of his experienced mentors, dedicated crew, loyal sponsors, and supporters, he is confident that he can continue to improve and reach new heights in drifting.