Round 1 of the D1NZ Pro Sport series x NZ Drift Matsuri Summer ULTRA 2023.
What a weekend!

Massive shout out to Chris Howard for doing all he could for us and having constant communication with us building up to the event!
Who would have thought I would get to get some practice laps in with Chris Rudnik!
We had a decent amount of practice, cut abit short due to some wires deciding to get a bit hot and stopping my fans from working causing the car to get pretttty hot 😂
Straight into qualifying after that, first run I managed to bank myself a 91/100 !! PB for me!
That left me in a really good spot, qualified 5th. going into the next day I had a BYE into the top 16, and met Johnny Burns. Got the win and through to the top 8 against Ra Heyder from Seven 2 Motorsport in his s15. We had a decent little battle, Ra taking the win and going through to the top 4 and he ended up taking 3rd place for round one!
Congrats to all the drivers,
1st – Kase PB
3rd – Ra
4th – Tyler West
I finished round one in 5th overall!
Massive thanks to my crew, sponsors and supporters!