D1NZ Round 4 Pro Sport

Round 4 of the Kaspa Transmissions Pro-Sport D1NZ series at Mt Smart Stadium 
Having some practice on the Thursday night in the terrible weather wasn’t fun. Did a little scrub and soon as I lined up on track my window fogged up and I couldn’t see a thing, causing my line to be terrible.
Moving on to the Friday Practice and Qualifying, on my 3rd practice lap I lost my clutch. My crew boys got straight into it and ripped the box out to find the issue. A small circlip in one of my release bearing lines had popped out and the hose was not where it should have been  

Got back on track to get a few more laps in before qualifying.  First qualifying lap felt really good until I hit what we assumed was just a cold spot on the track and spun leaving me with a 3. My 2nd qualifying lap I played it safe and scored myself a 52 leaving me sitting in 20th position.

Come Saturday i was pumped and ready to drive, had some battle laps with Cam Bank and then we were into our top 24 battle against Aaron Hyatt.

We were pumped and ready, went out and got an OMT, gave it my best in my chase run, felt happy about it and lined up for my OMT lead lap…

HAHA was that fun, going hard and fast I went quicker than I had and didn’t expect to push a little wider, hit a bit of a slippery spot got a bit scared and let off the gas (NEVER AGAIN) and landed myself in the wall and Aaron collecting the front of my car.

Both the car and myself are okay. Massive thank you to the D1 recovery crew and the crowd for cheering me on once I climbed out of the car.
Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!    it really isn’t possible without you all.