What is Drifteen ?

DRIFTEEN is an event designed to provide a ‘motorsport experience’ for Canteen – supporting young people with Cancer.

A ‘ride along’ passenger experience in a full production Drift Race Car. All safety equipment supplied.

Drifting is a fairly new motorsport which is premiered in New Zealand at the D1NZ Pro/Pro Sport Championships every year.

DRIFTEEN, founded by THTGUY Drift (aka Jake Fastnedge), hope’s to provide a transforming experience – thanks to the exhilaration from such a fast exciting motorsport. This technically demanding motorsport code is also challenges attitudes towards how young people drive on the road. Being side-ways at speed, in a controlled safe environment.

The youth selected for DRIFTEEN are drawn from the participating youth charity.

When & Where will Drifteen be held ?

DRIFTEEN will take place on days as set out on the www.thtguydrift.co.nz website. These events will be run at the Meremere Drift Park – just in front of the drags. DRIFTEEN is being run in conjunction with the Drift Academy International.

All DRIFTEEN drivers are experienced and meet all MNZ standards & regulations.

All DRIFTEEN cars comply with track safety standards. All safety equipment, including Helmet will be provided.

DRIFTEEN is supported by the Drift Academy International  and will be run at the Meremere Drift Park, Meremere.
We operate under strict safety conditions and abide by Motor Sport New Zealand applicable regulation & track safety procedures.

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The Elements behind Drifteen

The premise of DRIFTEEN

A Drifting Motorsport Experience is Transforming

The Elements behind DRIFTEEN

Facing fear:

Discovering inner strength

Placing trust in others:

Putting your trust in the Driver


Drifting is an intense experience – living in the moment.


Gained from accomplishing the goal


Congratulations on their accomplishment after their experience.


Being a part of a motorsport team in a group of ‘first time’ drifters.

Documentation & Policies

The following policies have been adopted by Drifteen –

Code of Ethics

Health & Safety Policy

Social Media Policy

Youth Protection Policy

These policies have been adopted for the Drifteen events with permission from Motorsport New Zealand. 

About Canteen


Around 4,200 rangatahi are impacted by cancer every year in Aotearoa. Rangatahi don’t have to face cancer alone. Canteen is a safe space where rangatahi aged 13-24 impacted by their own diagnosis or cancer in their whānau can connect, share the tough stuff, and get a break from cancer.

Canteen Aotearoa is a charity that provides free and tailored support to rangatahi aged 13-24 who are impacted by cancer. Whether they are dealing with their own diagnosis or cancer in their whānau.

Canteen provides:

  • connection with peers who understand what it’s like, through community events
  • therapeutic support through a range of programmes and camps
  • free individual support
  • online support services for rangatahi and whānau
  • skill building and development through a range of pathways and programmes

Canteen was set up in 1988 by a small group of rangatahi with cancer, and rangatahi still guide the organisation at every level today. Read Canteen’s annual reports.

Visit Canteen’s website click here.

Drifteen is provided Free to Canteen members

The Drifteen experience is being provided free of costs to Canteen. While we do have some considerable costs, thanks to Jake Fastnedge (a.k.a  Thtguy Drift) , and a wide array of sponsors and supporters – we are able to bring this event to Canteen members without costs. From the drift park venue, to the supply of the Drift car, our Pit Crew and any additional equipment – we are able to make this event a reality.

We are not intending to raise funding ourselves directly, but we are asking for your help (where you can) by clicking on the donation link below to make a donation directly to Canteen .

Thank you for your support !