NEW event in Planning stage

We are developing a new event for youth

Here is a short preview of whats coming..

In this video we did a trial day with our new Drift Kidz event. Its purpose is to provide a youth Motorsport Experience for charities. The first event is in planning, much yet to organize, but we will be working with Canteen to provide a ‘hub event’. It will provide young people (living with Cancer) a unique opportunity to ride along with THTGUY Drift in his full production Drift car – which is being prepared for entry into the New Zealand D1NZ pro sport Championships in 2022.

In this video we took two young people around Hampton Downs in the 350Z Drift car owned by THTGUY Drift .. This was a very special run, as we took my very good friend Randolph Neuelis (who sadly recently passed away after losing his battle with Cancer) son Josh for hot laps around Hampton Downs in what was a very exciting day. What is also very special is that Randolph has recently designed the 350Z’s new wrap design, and he created our brand new Techspan Motorsport logo being used in this campaign.

Video – drift kidz with Thtguy drift – coming soon