Hit the wall on entry, and I bitched out again… sending me right back into the same wall as last season.

My amazing crew got me back out for my 2nd qualifying lap, was real messy, no alignment on one side, damaged things we weren’t aware of and it felt terrible, but I made it into the top 24.. we’ve had the car back at the workshop and put the old steering rack in as we bent it and new arms. Alignment at 7am and hope we can make it to the track in time for our top 24 battle to at least put on a show!!

My crew are Legends !
After all the dramas we had, we made it to the track with an aligned car ready for battles – massive shout out to Lincoln Tyre Centre for helping us out and aligning the car at 7am on a Sunday!!!  and even got the car there in time for a test run before the top 24!!
Top 24 battle against Tyler WestTeeDub Drift
Tyler wasn’t going to give it to me, and I wasn’t going to give it to him, we chatted and chatted and knew we were going to put on a show!
Tyler taking the lead, he gave it 110% and it was just a little too much, the track being a lot more slippery than we both expected, Tyler washed abit wide making some contact with the wall, I stopped before hitting him and straight lining, then we continued the run and WE WERE ON! it was a really good 1st half of the battle, on my lead I had a pretty good run, over the sound of my hungry LS3 I could hear Tyler’s car spooling up and making all those turbo sounds right in my window so I knew he was on me! Making me abit nervous but I kept it together and ended up taking the win!
Massive shout out to Tyler, the night before, I was super stressed and down about my collision with the wall on my 1st quali lap, and Tyler was an absolute GC, chatting for a while, telling me it’s gonna be sweet, the car is gonna be fine and my lads would have it sorted and that we will have a great battle in the morning, thank you for being such a good mate!!
Moved through to the top 16 against Pete Dreaver,
Got an OMT and ended up losing the second battle..
Massive thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!!